Wooden Record Case Organization

Wooden Record Case Organization

*High-quality Material: Our wooden record case is made of pine wood and plywood, which is eco-friendly and sturdy. Smooth surface, no strange smell.

*Wide range of Usage: Good storage box can be used at home, or for kiosks, offices, markets and stalls. It is ideal for everyday use.

*Large Capacity: Size measured: 16.93”x13.11”x9.02”- spacious interior dimensions offering more storage space, practical and convenient. A chalkboard storage case makes everything in good order and everyone can be the best organizer.

*Sturdy and Durable: The wooden crate is firmly bonded, making it solid and long-lasting. Perfect for protecting your favorite belongings and minimizing unnecessary damage.

*Personalized Graffiti: The small blackboard on both sides allows you to write and draw freely, which can fully unleash your creativity and imagination.

*Unique Gift Idea: The classic crate adds a kind of vintage feeling to the case. You can use this elegant and tasteful souvenir box as a personal gift for your beloved.


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