The Magic of the Rubik’s Cube

The Magic of the Rubik’s Cube

The Magic of the Rubik’s Cube

—— fascinating variety and challenging 

Rubik’s Cube is also called Magic Cube.Professor Erno Rubik originally invented the Rubik’s Cube bulk as a teaching tool to help students enhance their spatial thinking ability. It was not until he turned the cube a few times when he had the cube in his hand that he realized it was actually an interesting and difficult problem to restore the chaotic color squares.

Compared with those competitions that have been in motion for nearly a hundred years, the development and popularity of the Rubik’s Cube has only taken 42 years. This speed can be said to be extremely rapid. From the initial ordinary third-order, fourth-order, and fifth-order, the alien Rubik’s Cube bulk is deduced. It can be seen how much people respect Rubik’s Cube as a competitive sport! Rubik’s Cube has various is deduced such as speedsolving, blindfold solving, and single hand solving, and activities of all sizes are held every year. The following are top 10 solvers by single solve.

–This data from article《Rubik’s Cube》

Breaking through the traditional 6-sided 6-color style of the Rubik’s Cube, we use ABS material to integrate the Rubik’s Cube with art, so that the Rubik’s Cube is not only a Rubik’s Cube bulk, but also a work of art. Thus making this competitive sport also be pleasing to the eye, relaxing and anxiety-relieving. There is no obvious distinction between the six colors, you can freely create the pattern you like according to your ideas, providing you with a customized gaming experience. This is also a new product of our platform, and we will meet you on Rimemo soon.

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