Reply Within 24 Hours

Reply Within 24 Hours

Reply within 24 Hours:

Shaanxi Decor owns a professional and dedicated team to strictly monitor and control each process. Communicating with clients in a timely and effective manner, correcting, checking and confirming order details to avoid mistakes and errors in production, we are committed to provide our clients 24-hour follow-up services:

  • After receiving the inquiry, we will quote the price within 24 hours. Our products are all experience-type ones, which need to be touched to get a real feeling and understanding. So we will quickly prepare samples according to client’s specific requirements as soon as the price is confirmed. Then we will follow up client’s comments and support them to select most suitable items with most reasonable quantity to finalize the order.
  • After the confirmation of the order, our professional graphic designer will contact client about the design details of product, packaging and label within 24 hours, so that the production could be started without any delay.
  • Shaanxi Decor has a stable and abundant raw materials suppliers, which can effectively shorten the material preparation time and strictly control the quality standard.
  • For shipment, our shipping department will contact the nominated forwarder within 24 hours to arrange a prompt shipping date.
  • Our team will provide clients with the relevant customs clearance documents within 24 hours after shipment. We will advise the arrival of the goods one week in advance and remind clients to do customs clearance in time.
  • After-sale service is essential to keep business running. Shaanxi Décor always respect clients’ opinions. If there are any questions or problems, we will try our best to reply and solve within 24 hours under the communication and assistance of all our departments.

Shaanxi Decor are very grateful to our clients for their recognition and praise of our products. We hope to keep a long-term and steady cooperation with all our clients by supplying quality products and efficient services.

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Comments (4)

  • Anthony Fedro Reply

    Great! Prompt reply is essential for me. I prefer to do business with guys like you, keep in contact!

    2020年6月22日 at am11:50
    • sxdecor Reply

      Thank you and please keep us informed if you need anything!

      2020年6月22日 at pm1:15
      • Anthony Fedro Reply

        Yes, could you please e-mail me offer for best selling globes?

        2020年6月22日 at pm1:21
        • sxdecor Reply

          OK, I will email you the quotation within today!

          2020年6月22日 at pm1:32

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