Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

CRM is not only a customer management technology, but also an enterprise philosophy.

The so-called CRM (Customer Relationship Management) refers to the use of corresponding information technology and Internet technology to coordinate the interaction between the company and customers in sales, marketing and service in order to improve their core competitiveness, thereby improving their management methods and adopting different methods for different customers. The operation strategy of the company provides an innovative and personalized customer service process. Its goal is to attract new customers, retain old customers and turn existing customers into loyal customers, increase the market, continuously tap customer value, and ultimately achieve the goal of increasing the company’s own revenue.

What benefits can a CRM system bring to enterprises?

1. Share customer information and improve customer satisfaction: Integrate customer information and share it with the company’s internal employees, and serve customers in a way that customers like, so that employees can provide customers with more thoughtful services and further enhance customer satisfaction;

2. Reduce business costs: redesign business processes, manage products and customers more effectively, and reduce business costs;

3. Create supplier details in the CRM system: The current supplier management pays more attention to partnerships, even strategic partnerships. When everyone becomes a community of interests in the supply chain, transaction costs are reduced, and everyone’s joint efforts are enhanced. Effective and reasonable supplier management can improve revenue efficiency;

4. Improve employee efficiency: Through information technology (the implementation of various CRM software), the degree of automation of business processing procedures is improved, and the work efficiency of employees is further improved;

5. Auxiliary scientific decision-making: CRM software helps companies obtain richer data and smarter analysis, which will become the basis for companies to make decisions and business activities, and help companies occupy more market shares.Of course, these values ​​are all talking-one thing is to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

We believe that through CRM in 2022, our company will be able to allocate resources more reasonably, increase market development, tap customer potential, truly increase efficiency and reduce costs, create greater corporate value, increase revenue, and achieve a win-win situation.

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