The First Online Fair

The First Online Fair

The year 2020 is destined to be an uncommon year. The year began with a disaster movie, and who would have thought that what you only see in the movies would actually happen in our life. A plague has changed all of our lives. The doctors in hospital are trying to save lives from death, while most of us can do nothing but stay indoors to protect ourselves. It seems a warning from nature to say: you are very clever, but you are also very small. It’s been almost five months since the virus began, and now the virus is slowly disappearing. We’re slowly recovering, but we still don’t know how this virus come, how to cure,and will it appear again.

Under this situation, Shaanxi Decor break all difficulties and find a new way after more than two months of hard work. Finally,the first online trade fair successfully was held on April 27th. At the conference, our business elites talked with clients by video.Compared with the traditional offline trade fair, the online trade fair was less noisy and more quiet, less mess and more focus.

For Shaanxi Decor, who has participated in the Canton Fair more than 10 years, this online trade meeting is indeed a brave attempt. In the past two weeks, we have received many positive comments from the clients in different countries.

After all, winter will go away, and spring will still come.Don’t regret about your past as it’s useless,but prevent the same mistakes in the future.

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